Things I Look At in the Sento

The Sento is a Japanese public bathing house. There was one just near to where I lived in Kyoto and I would go there nearly every weekend. I enjoyed the feeling of stepping out of the torrid sauna into an ice-cold bath and sitting very still for about ten minutes. It was whilst doing this, and looking at the walls, that I chose my subject for some woodblock prints.

Ukiyo-e landscape artists (Hokusai and Hiroshige are famous examples) sometimes depicted fleeting and energetic moments of nature in a clean, linear and precise way. The medium of wood dictated it. Using this idea, I thought it would be a challenging exercise to capture the odd visual effects caused by emerging my body in drastically different temperatures. Like the Ukiyo-e masters, my intention was to balance this representational element with a harmony of composition and colour.

The two prints above were exhibited at the KCUA International Students Exhibition 2011, at Kyoto Art Centre.

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  1. Rob, all of your new work from Japan is looking incredible! Looking forward to seeing more.