Yoparai - Sakezou's Floating World

Ukiyo, or 'The Floating World', was the term given to the pleasure seeking urban lifestyle of the merchant classes in Edo Period Japan. Drinking, Geisha, socialising, sex, theatre, sumo-wrestling and tea drinking were all part of the night's entertainment. The documents of these times were the Ukiyo-e, or 'Floating World Pictures'. Ukiyo-e were woodblock prints that celebrated this decadent lifestyle. Often drawn from above, as if the viewer is literally 'floating' above the scene, the Ukiyo-e became a very popular form of public entertainment and developed into including broader themes such as landscape, mythology and battle scenes.

Here are a small series of images that tell the story of Sakezou-kun, a salaryman who enjoys the revels of 21st century Japan's nightlife. However, the story is circular and Sakezou is destined to repeat his drunken night for eternity.

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