Binary Dreams

My Dad is a software engineer. From a very young age I have asked him what his job entails but now days the image above is what I prefer to imagine. I know that he sits at a desk with a computer and has files and a waste paper bin. I know that he understands the intricacies of computer code. But I haven't the slightest clue what he actually does with his knowledge and his objects. His expertise is to such a degree that the most crystalline elucidation is a simplified series of 1s and 0s. Ultimately; you have to be a computer to understand it (and Dad is a computer, really, at least when he is at work: his job is to compute, and to deal in absolutes). 

So, to help myself, I imagine there must be plasmatic fluid that suspends many amorphous shapes and it is the software engineer's task to tag these shapes with ones or zeros, therein giving the shapes a sense of purpose, clarity and identity and thus arranging them into groups depending on their persuasion. The software engineer carries a satchel containing square plates that can be placed over an existing denomination to alter its value. There is an ambient warm light in the plasma and also an army of Microsoft Paper clips and Linux Penguins that try to stop the engineers from completing their task. The army comprises the guardians of vagueness and is unified in its belief that 'All things are Wiggles' and that 'Mankind's arrogant attempts to compartmentalise and categorise the ephemera of nature are misguided and destructive and so must be fought.'

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