Damn Hank! Yer missus sure looks like a Wiccan!

Here we have the first in a new set of images from the project Images from Abstract/Arbitrary Starting Points. I've got around 30 of these to do over the coming months, so watch this space.

The top image is a tiny circle taken from a large watercolour painting. The details, colours and composition give me the starting points to imagine an image. In this case a scene. I can't say that I knew what would be happening in the scene when I started drawing; rather that the shapes and colours instructed me on what to draw. I find it difficult to lay claim to the characters or their motives and actions. They are up for interpretation. 

Having said that my interpretation is this:

As punishment for his infidelity, Hank's horse was magicked into a hollow log. Maggie-Lee had turned to the occult three months ago, and, driven by desperation after finding her good-for-nothin'-excuse'v-a-man dangling his pail in other woman's wells she dragged her young'uns outside and made them watch their father's humiliating and abrupt dismount.


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